Monday, March 2, 2015

Week 67.... trunky papers and pictures from last week

Hello and welcome to another episode of the life of a sister missionary in Paraguay, where the sun shines, it never rains and they tell you you're dying every other day. It's fun.

Today we went to Asuncion to the mission office to talk to president, and his wife, and to order tapas (scripture cases) and to pick up a few things. It was fun. Hermana McMullin is as lovely as ever, President is just as nice and awesome. And the tapas guy is just as slow and Paraguayan as ever. We had a lunch party with the elders, we ate shuarma, laughed, joked, met new missionaries... well I met new missionaries, they met old  sisters haha... and then they all made jokes about how im dying soon. Then we continued laughing and having fun bothering the elders in the office while we waited to talk to the tapas guy. Also, I forgot to tell you all what we did last Monday. Last Monday we went to a mythology museum in Capiata it was cool. It had all the myths of Paraguay and then some old stuff from the wars in Paraguay against Argentina and Bolivia and Uruguay it's cool. 

This week has been a good one. We have been teaching a lady in our area for a few weeks, and she was crazier every time partially because her son moved out while she wasn't home and didn't know where he went. well, we had left them for about two weeks, and we decided to pass by last night and we found them both at home. and they both sat down and decided to listen to us. it was awesome.  The mom was wayyyyyyyyy normal and not crazy and they were both listening attentively to the lesson, (plan of salvation) and asking questions and it was super cool. the spirit filled their house and they both prayed in the lesson one to start and one to end. and it looks like they will probably be going to church with us next week. so, basically it has been a good week, and were having fun and even if we don't have baptisms in March I see some prospects for April. so it should be good. 

Oh, also today in my email they sent me the final report papers, my flight info, and all the going home info in an email commonly referred to as  "the trunky papers" and well they came in today. I won't tell you all my thoughts on the matter haha its a little complicated. just know that I'll see you all the week after conference! 

also, les quiero y nos veremos pronto. :))

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