Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Friends in Del Maestro

I don't know any names, or stories.  Hermana Minks will have to fill in the details when she gets home in 2015!

January In Paraguay

Candy's baby blessing

Baby Candy was born early, and had a rough start

Impressive butterfly catcher

Butterfly girl

Hooray!!  Hermana Minks' favorite - STAR FRUIT in Paraguay!!

Tan feet, white toes

Dead Things

The only dead things that she had a hand in killing were the roach, and the giant, creepy spider.  The spider was an uninvited guest at a teaching appointment.  There was plenty of screaming and shoe throwing before it was all over.

Dead dog on a typical street

Dead frog

Dead roach in their apartment

Dead snake

Giant creepy spider

Christmas 2013 and Happy New Year 2014

Hermana Minks was in Del Maestro for the holidays.  They are typically in their first, training, area for two transfers, or 12 weeks.  Here are some photos of their New Year's meal and learning to make empanadas with a sister in the ward.

Del Maestro

Her first area is Del Maestro, which is a suburb of Asuncion.  It is Summer in South America, so it is HOT and WET! 

Outdoor laundry sink
Crazy rain storm

Flash Flood Maybe??
A cow in the road

Hermana Minks Arrives in Paraguay

Hermana Minks arrived in Asuncion Paraguay on November 19, 2013.  She said the flight was crazy turbulent and she nearly lost her breakfast. 

Her Mission President and his wife met them at the airport - President and Sister McMullin.

Her trainer, and first companion, is Sister Speirs.

Buenos Aires Argentina CCM

Hermana Minks and Hermana Meeks at the Buenos Aires Temple

Hermana Minks reported to the Buenos Aires, Argentina CCM (MTC in Spanish) on October 10, 2013.  Here are some photos from the MTC.

MTC District November 2013

MTC District November 2013
MTC District at the Buenos Aires Temple October 2013

Hermana Minks Departs

Last photo as she walks through airport security

Hermana Minks and RJ Long

Madison, Kylee, Quincie and Kourtney

Hermana Minks with Kelina and Sue Eldredge

Hermana Minks left Oahu late in the evening of October 8th.  She reported to the Buenos Aires, Argentina CCM (MTC in Spanish) on October 10, 2013.  That was the same day her father, Carl, report to his mission in 1986. 

Hermana Minks is Set Apart

Dad, Quincie, Mom

 Quincie was set apart as a full time missionary on October 8, 2013 by Stake President Watanabe at the Waipahu, Hawaii Stake Center.

The Hopkins Ladies
Matthew Putegnat, Pres. Watanabe, Pres. Bradshaw, Grandpa Wayne Minks, Carl Minks, Bishop Fuller (and 2 cute little photo bombers - Sariah and Cana Monteih)
Grandma and Grandpa Minks


Quincie went through the Laie, Hawaii temple on July 20, 2013
Grandma Minks and Quincie September 7, 2013
Grandpa Minks and Quincie October 3, 2013


Another step closer!  Her passport arrived on July 5th, 2013