Monday, January 26, 2015

week 62. che añe´e mishimi guarani

Bueno pues, odos van a jugar un poquito porque hoy quiero escribir en español!  wooojoo! jajaja.

Esta semana ha sido muy muy muy larga. caminamos muchisimo! y encontramos muy poco. pero sin enbargo, ya no siento el calor tanto, porque che paraguaya. jaja voy a hablar en guarani tambien  mishimi. tambien esta semana hablamos con un hermano que siempre quiere enseñarnos guarani. entonces una hora practicamos anoche. y despues el hermano queria aprender ingles. pero yo queria seguir aprendiendo guarani. entonces dije que yo le enseño en ingles lo que nos enseña en guarani. vamos a ver que aprenda el hermano. 

Ahora, les voy a enseñar lo que se de guarani. 

be´chenderera? = cual es tu nombre?
cherera hermana minks = mi nombre es hermana minks
che añe´e mishimi guarani = yo hablo un poco de guarani
ore ñadeñara rembiguai = somos siervos de Dios
ore misionerakuera = somos misioneras 
che aikua hesukristo tupao marangatukuera arapahapeua añeteva = ye se que la iglesia de jesucristo de los santos de los ultimos dias es verdadera. 

Bueno. no les voy a frustra mas jeje. pero les amo mucho y espero que la semana sea linda. 

Also! today we played on a teeter tatter. it was fun.

Here is the automatic translation from Google:
"Well then, ears are going to play a little bit because today I write in Spanish! wooojoo! lol.

This week has been very very very long. walked a lot! and found very little. enbargo but no longer feel the heat much, because che Paraguay. haha will also speak Guarani mishimi. Also this week we talk with a brother who always wants to teach Guarani. then one hour practice last night. and then the brother wanted to learn English. but I wanted to keep learning Guarani. Then I said I teach him what he teaches English in Guarani. We'll see you learn brother.

Now, I will show you what is in Guarani.

be'chenderera? = What is your name?
cherera minks Sister = My name is minks sister
che añe'e guarani mishimi = I speak a little Guarani
ñadeñara ore rembiguai = are servants of God
misionerakuera = ore are missionaries
che aikua marangatukuera tupao hesukristo añeteva = arapahapeua ye know that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is true.

Okay. I'm not going to frustrate more hehe. but I love you very much and I hope the week is cute."

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Week 61 a week full of miracles

Well, well, well we meet again.. around the board. Haha just kidding. But really, it’s already been another week and this week I’ve seen lots of little miracles. I’ll list them below. 

1. I didn’t get lost. This requires explaining. We had transfers, and Hermana Dungan went to Pedro Juan, and Hermana Terrazas came to Ysapy with me. I’m super bad at learning areas, and after only 6 weeks here I was suuuuuuuper worried we’d get lost. But! like Nephi, we were led by the Spirit not knowing beforehand where we should go. And so, first miracle we didn’t get lost. 

2. We didn’t get hit by lightning or flooded in! There have some much needed but very crazy rain storms lately, and they are always accompanied but lots of thunder and lightning. It’s one of the most terrifyingly beautiful things I’ve ever seen and I’ll miss the storms here when I leave. 

3. We didn’t have to run home unbrellaless in the rain. Right as the crazy rain started up we were tossed in a member’s car and driven all the way to the opening of our street. Yay for nice members with cars! 

4. We didn’t burn the house down. This one I owe the credit to a party we once had at Kylee’s house. We found ourselves trapped inside, because there was no way we could go out in the rain the way it was. I couldn’t see 2 feet in front of my face. So we decided to fry some potatoes. (make French fries) and while my comp was showing me where the roof was dripping in front of my closet, the roof started dripping over the stove, right into the hot oil. And well, for those who don’t know, hot oil plus cold water equals scary tall flaming fire on your stove. And in a moment of panic the words bicarbonato (baking soda) ran through my mind and I tossed the little bit that we had in the fridge on the flames and just like that the fire was gone. And that is where the credit to Kylee and her party comes in. A long long time ago when we were young and her hair was long there was a grease fire in their back yard and we didn’t know what to do, so her dad looked it up on the internet, and then after the fire went out I forgot all about it... until the other day, when our house could have burned down. 

5. Rosana came to church! She’s a less active, and it was soooooo awesome to see her at church with her two little girls. 

So as you can see, it’s been a good week, and we really have been led by the Spirit to the places, things and people right in the exact moment. 

I’m doing well, and hope you are as well. :) 

Con mucho amor! Hermana Minks

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

week 60 ...... and nothing too exciting to put in this section.

Well family, friends, all you emailers out there. I'm at a loss for words. Another change has come and gone, and we've completed 60 weeks of faithful emails. (mas o menos) and we find ourselves here again, wondering what will happen to Hermana Minks this time. Will she stay in ysapy? Will she go? Will Hermana Dunagan stay? Will Hermana Minks finally train some new misión baby? or will die a mule? So many questions to ask, and not an answer in sight. that is until tomorrow. :)) haha but you'll all wait until next week to know my fate, and I'll continue doing what I do.
I've been thinking a lot lately about all my family, and I know I don't have everybody on here as far as their emails go, but I want to let all of you know, and hope you pass  this on to those who I don't get emails from, that I love you guys. Also I pray for you. and I worry and hope that we will all make it to live together in God´s kindom. Also, I just want to invite all of you to think about the blessings you've been given, like health, a home, education, work, a life... and contemplate for a momento where those blessings came from.
Today we had the opportunity to share with a man and his daughter about the restoration of the góspel of Jesus Christ. We taught the whole lesson, and at the end we invited him to pray and ask God if the Book of Mormon was true, and he told us he would ask later in life, when he finished his studies and could settle down in his life. Which reminded me of a scripture in the Book of Mormon,which tells us not to procrastinate the day of our repentance. I'm not sure how much the man we shared that with liked that idea, but it's a very true and urgent matter. If we have things to change in this life, we should definitely get them in order now, and keep them in order. That's why Christ came, so that we can repent and keep our lives in order, and prepare ourselves for eternity. And well, it's got me thinking about all my loved ones. Hoping that you too are preparing yourselves rather than procrastinating the day in which we all go to meet God.
Anyway, those were my thoughts for you all today, and I hope to hear from you all soon.
les amo tanto!

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

week 59.... its 2015!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well everybody! it's officially 2015! Happy New Year! :DD

haha I've had this email open for over an hour and I'm not sure what to say. All I know is that lots of things will be, and are happening this year and I'm happy that I'm here to see them. 

First and foremost, the year in Spanish now resembles my name just a bit.... dos mil quince...... dos mil Quincie.... two thousand Quincies!!!!!!! I'm taking over the world!

Just Kidding 

So for New Years, since we all like sleeping, we didn't celebrate at midnight in Paraguay, we celebrated midnight in Hawaii. so, 7am here. It was fun. I did crunches (because it was during our exercise) and counted down to the hour and then we sort of shouted happy new year! And then I got ready for the day haha. the night before we spent with a family in our ward until 9:30 and then went home and got ready for bed. But not really anything exciting happened. So I'm sorry haha.

Then on the 2nd, Hermana Dunagan made a year in the mission so I made her a chocolate cake with chocolate frosting and sprinkles. and we've been eating it all week. It looks like I've been cooking lots this week, because we came home hungry Friday night, and I had a sore throat. So I decided I'd try to make egg drop soup (my favorite Chinese food soup) and it turned out super good. Turns out its super easy to cook food. And then Saturday I made tomato soup and grilled cheese. It was all super yummy. and it's nice to eat food that is different for a change. So in 2015 I've added new foods to the list of things I can cook. yay! Maybe I won't starve when I have to be an independent adult. haha 

Also, I had to fix my watch, so now there are some parts that are probably more thread than watch band, but it won't be falling off any time soon I hope. 

Haha anyway, I just hope all of you had a fun New Years, and maybe next year we will have a fun party, seeing as I'll officially be home this year! With all of that exciting stuff and all the things to do there I'll leave you all to ponder! I hope your week is lovely and I'll talk to you soon! :))

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Week 58 New Years... *BOOM*

Hello and welcome to another episode of summer in Paraguay, where it gets really hot, then rains, and then you leave your umbrella at a contact's house.... to maybe never be seen again.

So it's been a fun week, Monday we ran around all day trying to get a nap and not achieving. Tuesday we had an activity for Christmas with our branch, and we did a living nativity with the youth and primary children in our branch. It was very cute. Wednesday was Christmas Eve, so I got to talk to my lovely parents. It was nice to see them, and hear their voices. I love them and I'm happy to see them and know that they're doing well. Sad I didn't get to see Ryker and Tay too, but it's ok.  I'll see them again one day. 
We spent the 24th with the Pereira family, and it was fun as well. Thanks to them, and the Ojeda family, I can now add 3 new things to my list of food I've eaten. goat, cow tongue, and blood sausage. Am not sure any of them were very tasty. and I've informed Ryker that he has been given rights to my former goats. I don't want them anymore. haha. yuck. 

Christmas day was just like any other normal day, because here in Paraguay people celebrate Christmas just like new years, they wait till 12am, blow up fire works, and then go pray, wish their neighbors merry Christmas, and then go to bed. It's exciting. So anyway, the 25th was normal and hot haha, just like last year. 

And the rest of our week has been normal haha. 

Today I FINALLY got my nap and it was suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuper nice. I feel soooo much better. It was great. 
Now we just have the new year, and then hopefully the explosives will end... cuz they're kinda scary. But it's all good. haha Nobody I know has gotten hurt. Also! this week we got to paint a house and mow a lawn it was fun! 

But anyway, I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas, and have a happy new year! and I'll talk to you all in January!