Wednesday, January 14, 2015

week 60 ...... and nothing too exciting to put in this section.

Well family, friends, all you emailers out there. I'm at a loss for words. Another change has come and gone, and we've completed 60 weeks of faithful emails. (mas o menos) and we find ourselves here again, wondering what will happen to Hermana Minks this time. Will she stay in ysapy? Will she go? Will Hermana Dunagan stay? Will Hermana Minks finally train some new misión baby? or will die a mule? So many questions to ask, and not an answer in sight. that is until tomorrow. :)) haha but you'll all wait until next week to know my fate, and I'll continue doing what I do.
I've been thinking a lot lately about all my family, and I know I don't have everybody on here as far as their emails go, but I want to let all of you know, and hope you pass  this on to those who I don't get emails from, that I love you guys. Also I pray for you. and I worry and hope that we will all make it to live together in God´s kindom. Also, I just want to invite all of you to think about the blessings you've been given, like health, a home, education, work, a life... and contemplate for a momento where those blessings came from.
Today we had the opportunity to share with a man and his daughter about the restoration of the góspel of Jesus Christ. We taught the whole lesson, and at the end we invited him to pray and ask God if the Book of Mormon was true, and he told us he would ask later in life, when he finished his studies and could settle down in his life. Which reminded me of a scripture in the Book of Mormon,which tells us not to procrastinate the day of our repentance. I'm not sure how much the man we shared that with liked that idea, but it's a very true and urgent matter. If we have things to change in this life, we should definitely get them in order now, and keep them in order. That's why Christ came, so that we can repent and keep our lives in order, and prepare ourselves for eternity. And well, it's got me thinking about all my loved ones. Hoping that you too are preparing yourselves rather than procrastinating the day in which we all go to meet God.
Anyway, those were my thoughts for you all today, and I hope to hear from you all soon.
les amo tanto!

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