Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Week 49 (She's lost track .... )

Week 50?  49?
The truth is, I lost count of the weeks haha, so you know, just an estimate of 49ish weeks haha.

Anyway, so big news! or sad news.... We had transfers! Hermana Speirs went home! Sad! because I love her to death, but it's good because she was an amazing missionary and I was blessed to know her, and now she's off to go help people in Oregon with her family. :)) Also, Hermana Argyle stayed here in Loma with me, and her new comp is Hermana Sanders who came with me ! Yay fun! and now.... my changes...... I stayed in Loma, and my companion is Hermana Puac, from Guatemala. She actually lives within Hermana Valeriano's (CJ's) mission. So who knows, she might end up in her ward one day. :) 

Also, we've been living much better in the heat this week. I started freezing water bottles, so I have ice water when I get home. and it's come in handy, because our ac broke, so I sleep with a frozen water bottle to keep me cool. I've decided that being sweaty before you even get up in the morning is the worst. You should all pray that we can get our ac fixed this week, because I'm gunna melt if not. or become mosquito food haha. Let's just say you can't really sleep with your windows open without getting eaten alive..... 12+ bug bites on my arms alone is not my favorite activity of the day ha ha And then who knows how many on my legs? But thankfully my bug bites don't scar too bad, so when they go away, I'll start looking normal again, haha but anyway. 

Also, Hermana Owen went home this week, and her parents came to see her areas and to take her home, so I met her parents, and died like 5 times saying good bye to her too. But it's ok, because she lives in Arizona so im sure to see her again one day haha. 

Today we went to our zone activity, and had lunch with all of the elders who work in the office (my zone includes all office elders, and the assistants and the mission president.) and I was sitting there thinking about how we are literally from all over the world, and we have lives completely different, and so many things that are different about us, but by being here called of God in Paraguay, we've all become friends, and we can get together, and make jokes, and play games and be happy.  Because we really are all friends, but not just friends, we're family. brothers and sisters here on this earth, and I get to know all of these people who I would never have met otherwise because I'm here in Paraguay today. It was nice to look at that. and even if I go through days where I miss home and want to get on with my life, being here has blessed me with so much love and support, and so many friends, I don't even know where to start. 

But anyway, I just want you all to know that I appreciate all your love and support, and your prayers for me. Thanks for all your emails and letters for me too. They really do make a difference. 

So thanks! I love you all! 

Hna Minks

Monday, October 20, 2014

Week 48

Well I see it's been flipped, with all the crazy things that have been going on in the US, like my brother and sister-in-law going to the temple, like my cousin getting engaged, like a hurricane going over Oahu, its only right that we should get sick and stay home all weekend - haha.

And that's exactly what happened. I had a fever, and couldn't bear to be out in the heat, which was 115 for like 3 days straight. So Thursday we had to stay home and I slept on the tile floor because it was wayyyyyyy too hot to even touch the sheets on my bed. And then Friday morning, my comp did something weird to her back, and she couldn't walk for 2 days, so we stayed home again on Friday and Saturday. and then on Sunday she was good until after church and 2 lessons, so we went home and stayed home again. But thankfully today were doing a lot better, and its not so hot. So if all stays well we will be back to normal hopefully very soon. 

It's worked out kinda well for me though, being stuck at home, because I'm pretty sure I'm cured of heat stroke, and I was able to write several letters, and I decorated my new agenda for the next transfer. Which reminds me my trainer, Hermana Speirs goes home this week. :((((( I'm gunna miss her a lot! But its ok. because we'll probably all find each other in Utah one day - haha. But anyway, it hasn't been the most exciting week, since we've been in the house literally half the week, but anyway, I love you guys and I'll be praying that all will be protected from the hurricane. :) 

les amo!

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Week 47!!!!!! ONE YEAR!!!!!!!

well it has come! the day in which I begin repeated days in the mission, yep that's right ... the year mark! It's been a crazy week let me just tell you all.

So basically just random nothing but for smiles miracles happened.
For example butterflies. So it's now officially Spring time here, and in the Spring time, there are TONS of butterflies, and last week Friday ish we were talking to a sister in our ward, and in her scriptures she had a butterfly taped in that she found dead like 15ish years ago. So after that we were like wow! We want to find butterflies for our scriptures to! So you know being hopeful I'd hopelessly follow butterflies haha. BUT! Wednesday ish, we were just walking when we literally almost stepped on this orange butterfly. So we picked it up, and took it with us to all of our lessons. and we were like wow! What a cool thing! Then we each took one wing and put it in plastic so that we can save them forever. But this isn't the only butterfly.
This is the crazy one. So, like forever ago, when I was home, I had a game on my phone and it was called butterflies or something along those lines. Anyway, you have a garden and you grow butterflies. and in the game it had a butterfly that was big and black and had green triangles on it. and I always thought it was so cool. So anyway, I get here to Loma, and guess what I see flying around everywhere! They're called Raja Brokeback butterflies or something, anyway, they're super cool, and they are real!
So anyway, remember how we found the orange butterfly the other day right? Well yesterday on our way to church we just so happened to walk down a street we almost never go down and guess what we found just sitting there on the sidewalk? the black butterfly I've been wanting to catch for 3 months now!!!!!!!!!!!! It was crazy! and it was funny, because I'd said that would think it'd be soo cool if we could find one of those butterflies so when we found this specific butterfly just there, waiting for us on our path my companion looked at me and was like "did you fast for this?" haha no. I didn't fast that we would find a butterfly, but it was a very nice present from Heavenly Father haha.

This is Josue in a mango tree. A GIANT mango tree, at the very tippy top

Other than that, it's been an ok week. we took pictures with Cinthia, so now you guys can see her and her baby. :)) and then I defrosted the freezer, but not before I made a snow man out or the frost on the top of it haha. and the Hermanas made me jello and sang to me for my one year mark. and it was cute. Then I took a really long time to think of a wish haha and now I'm not sure what I wished for, but it could have been that we find that butterfly, although it was probably something more useful haha. Also, I ran into Hermana Owen today in the office, which was cool. I was soo happy to see her, I kept hugging her and I couldn't stop smiling. She's so amazing. and she goes home next week too. Sad days so many wonderful sister go home this transfer. I also ran into Hermana Seaman, who 9ish months ago I called because she was a little frustrated with the language, and now today I finally got to meet her. I feel like Alma the younger and the sons of Mosiah, who after years of serving amongst the Lamanites were reunited in joy and love for their brethren. I was so happy to see all the Hermanas in the office today. It was a good day and quite fun.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Week 46? (46 in Paraguay/52 since leaving)

Well it's as if we're just 4 steps from the top of the mountain peak, or... 4 days from my year mark!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yep, it's come, I've been in South America almost officially a whole year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!! and as always celebrating big events, like 6 months and year marks with General Conference. Only my two favorite days ever! It's been fun!  
Last monday we downloaded the General Women's Conference, and listened in our room, and then we went to the chapel for saturday and sunday sessions. We didn't get much work done, but we did have some conference miracles.  To start, when we got there on Saturday we didn't have any members, or a projector, or any sound or ANYTHING. So, being missionaries that we are we said a prayer, and literally right after the prayer ended an elder from here had an idea to turn on the sound, and bam! We had sound! And then before the first person began his talk the brother with the projector came and bom! we could watch all of conference! yay!!!!!!!!! 
And then, yesterday, we (the English speakers) wanted to listen in English, so, we began asking around trying to arrange it, but the room they usually use, which has the cable for English was full of construction stuff, so basically it looked like the garage at home for me haha.  And I was all for organizing so we could hear in English. but the rest of the group didn't seam quite so excited, so we didn't move the stuff to watch in there. Defeated I went to sit at my desk, but then my lovely comp went and talked to the elders and they said we could watch on the computer in the secretary´s office, so.... my comp, Hermana Speirs, Hermana Argyle and I went to the office and watched in a tiny room. But the problems didn't end there. With just 5 minutes until the last session started it was lagging and slow, so we being the missionaries said another prayer, and then several elders showed up to watch with us too, and it didn't glitch once, and we finally got to hear the prophet's voice!
It was such a blessing to be able to hear him speak and to learn from our prophet, and to feel the spirit there. After conference I left feeling renewed and happy.
I know that we have a prophet today, who is called of God and holds his Holy authority, and we have been immensely blessed to live in a day and time in the which we will all be able to hear him speak and receive guidance from his words. 

Friday, October 3, 2014

Beautiful Video

Week 45!!

Well, it's been a whole week. again! crazy.
I'll just start by saying that while I am sitting here writing to you all, there is a young boy who is probably about 12 singing Baby by Justin Beiber for all to hear. It's very funny.
It's been a rather uneventful week to be honest. We did have a lot of people in church that we have been teaching, so that's exciting, and we're super excited to be able to go to General Conference next week. It's gunna be amazing! We're hoping that a mom and daughter family of 2 that we are teaching gets the chance to come this weekend to listen and learn from our living prophet. We just know that it'll help them so much to find an answer and decide to be baptized. So just keep them in your prayers.
Well like I said, not much has happened here lately, so you know, stay safe, keep praying, and know that I love all of you!!!!!!!!!!