Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Week 49 (She's lost track .... )

Week 50?  49?
The truth is, I lost count of the weeks haha, so you know, just an estimate of 49ish weeks haha.

Anyway, so big news! or sad news.... We had transfers! Hermana Speirs went home! Sad! because I love her to death, but it's good because she was an amazing missionary and I was blessed to know her, and now she's off to go help people in Oregon with her family. :)) Also, Hermana Argyle stayed here in Loma with me, and her new comp is Hermana Sanders who came with me ! Yay fun! and now.... my changes...... I stayed in Loma, and my companion is Hermana Puac, from Guatemala. She actually lives within Hermana Valeriano's (CJ's) mission. So who knows, she might end up in her ward one day. :) 

Also, we've been living much better in the heat this week. I started freezing water bottles, so I have ice water when I get home. and it's come in handy, because our ac broke, so I sleep with a frozen water bottle to keep me cool. I've decided that being sweaty before you even get up in the morning is the worst. You should all pray that we can get our ac fixed this week, because I'm gunna melt if not. or become mosquito food haha. Let's just say you can't really sleep with your windows open without getting eaten alive..... 12+ bug bites on my arms alone is not my favorite activity of the day ha ha And then who knows how many on my legs? But thankfully my bug bites don't scar too bad, so when they go away, I'll start looking normal again, haha but anyway. 

Also, Hermana Owen went home this week, and her parents came to see her areas and to take her home, so I met her parents, and died like 5 times saying good bye to her too. But it's ok, because she lives in Arizona so im sure to see her again one day haha. 

Today we went to our zone activity, and had lunch with all of the elders who work in the office (my zone includes all office elders, and the assistants and the mission president.) and I was sitting there thinking about how we are literally from all over the world, and we have lives completely different, and so many things that are different about us, but by being here called of God in Paraguay, we've all become friends, and we can get together, and make jokes, and play games and be happy.  Because we really are all friends, but not just friends, we're family. brothers and sisters here on this earth, and I get to know all of these people who I would never have met otherwise because I'm here in Paraguay today. It was nice to look at that. and even if I go through days where I miss home and want to get on with my life, being here has blessed me with so much love and support, and so many friends, I don't even know where to start. 

But anyway, I just want you all to know that I appreciate all your love and support, and your prayers for me. Thanks for all your emails and letters for me too. They really do make a difference. 

So thanks! I love you all! 

Hna Minks

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