Monday, November 3, 2014

Week 50 ish

Can't believe it's November! Time is flying by sooooo fast! and it seems as if the mission makes it go even faster. I just keep praying that my whole life doesn't fly by. I'd like some time to stop and smell the roses haha. But really, why does life have to go by so fast? It feels like yesterday when I met Kylee in 8th grade and that was 2006! It's been a few years. but you know, I'm always comenting on the time haha. It's just so crazy to me that it can pass so quickly without even noticing.

This week has been fairly unexciting, although there have been some pretty big storms, so when we got to Nenii´s house on Saturday her whole yard was under water. So we got to work and dumped water in a tube and soda bottle contraption to pump the water to the road and down the drain. so for about and hour or so we scooped and dumped water while we sang hymns. It was fun. My feet got nice and wet. The weather has actually been really nice lately, except for the flooding of people's houses. But it feels like winter in Hawaii so I was pretty happy. haha And now my legs are super sore and my arms are tired haha. Yesterday I could hardly even stand up or bend down to pick something up - haha - because my legs hurt so much. But it's ok, cuz it was really fun scooping water.

Today is Hermana Argyle's birthday, so we went to eat Chinese food, and we decorated her desk and wall with stickers that we made that say "felicidades" and "feliz cumpleaƱos Hna. Argyle" and stuck them to her desk with a bunch of balloons. It was fun. 
Also, its been pretty sunny lately, so my watch tan is as you say in Guarani, "purete" or in other words, totes legit. So you know when I'm not lazy, I'll send a picture of that - haha.
Also, basically a miracle happened, and Nenii all on her own invited Cinthia to live with her, which was what Hermana Welch and I had thought of on our own when Nenii was sad and wanted company, and Cinthia needed to find a place to live. so it's basically perfect, and were gunna help Cinthia move in on Thursday.
Other than that, everything is all normal, so you know, all is well in Paraguay. and until next week, I hope you are all well and fine and know that I love each of you!

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