Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Week 44

So first thing, before I forget. Today we went to the office to see the nurse, to get some allergy meds, and on the way home we were peacefully riding in the city bus. But! while on the bus we drove by a house, and well long story short, our bus hit a dog and ran right over it. It was horrible. WELCOME TO PARAGUAY!!!

Yep, now that I got that out, I have other news, Cinthia, our pregnant investigator, HAD HER BABY!!! and we didn't even have to witness the birth! We're soooo excited, so now all he have to do is get her married and she can get baptized! yay! 
Also, we have a mom and her daughter who we've been teaching for about 3 weeks now, and they have been going every week to church and are progressing and awesome and it's super exciting! This week they come to church and without calling or texting us went straight to their classes and started participating. soooooooo awesome! We're excited! haha. 
So, yea. its been a good week nothing too crazy. We're also getting REALLY EXCITED about conference to come up again! just 2 weeks away!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yea! We LOVE conference. it's the best. I hope you guys are getting excited too, because conference is like the modern day version of when king Benjamin built a big tower and spoke to all his people and had his words written so that all of his people could hear and read the words of the prophet. prophets are the best! Needless to say I'm looking forward to conference. It's fun. 

I also have a confession to make .....  haha
I think I might have an addiction to fruit loops. haha I've bought them consecutively every week for like 2 months. :)) They're just so yummy. haha 

Well anyway, this is all I have to say for this week. I hope you all have a lovely week, and remember that I love you!

Monday, September 22, 2014

Week 43!!!

So I know you all want to know................. and well the verdict is..... I don't have transfers, and neither do any of the Hermanas in my house, so we continue the fiesta! haha.

I'm doing good this week. just doing my best to make sure I know where people live and who they are, so next time transfers come up I won't get lost haha. Hermana W is going to have been here for 6 months, so I'm pretty sure shes going to leave me in October. ahhhh. haha

This week we learned how to make chipa, so Imma send all yalls some pictures of our creations. It was super fun. We got our hands pretty dirty too :)) I also made 11 months in the mission, so you know..... just one month until my year mark!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't believe how fast time is going by.

Monday, September 8, 2014

Week 42! The answer to life, the universe and everything.....

Ha ha for those who don't get it, "The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy" it's fun you should read it.

Anyway, being my 42nd week perhaps I will find the answer, or have a major break through or something. haha  I did figure out how to braid all of your hair in a circle that circles your head in a way that does not require hair ties or bobbie pins, so you know, I'm basically a genius. Haha but other than that nothing to breakthrough-ish has happened. 

It's been a good week though, our investigator made it out of the hospital and to church this Sunday. It was great. she walked in with her book of Mormon grasped tight in her arms and she's just the cutest little thing ever! We're really excited for her to be able to get baptized. Sadly though, she's in the hospital again, and she thinks she'll probably be in until she has the baby. But thankfully she made it to 8 months and she still hasn't had him so Heavenly Father is definitely helping her. We think she will probably get baptized next month, after the baby is born, which is probably better for her anyway, but yea. we're excited. 

Oh! also, a few weeks ago, we were gifted a box of cigarettes from a less active member, and the other day we finally got rid of them. It was fun. We took lots of pictures and videos, so one day you can all see the videos of my mission haha. 

But yea, it's been fun. and it's been a good week. Also, its been 6 weeks here in Loma, so there's the possibility of transfers, but, we wont know until tomorrow around noon, so you wont know until next week if I have changes. Lame I know. I'm sorry, but its ok, it's probably more productive that way.   

 Anyway, I love you all, and thank you for all your help and support! :))

Monday, September 1, 2014

Week 41!!!!

So it's another week and here I am all over again writing letters on the internet....
Ok, but actually several crazy things have happened this week.

1. We had a mouse!
2. We set a mouse trap
3. The mouse got caught!!!!!!!!
4. The same day we found the dead mouse we found a dead rat in the road.
5. Hermana Speirs cut my hair. Ok, this one requires more explaining, so remember how right around my birthday I had a sister in my ward cut my hair, well, remember how I said it was a little too Paraguayan for my taste? Well I decided I couldn't take the mullet anymore and even though a part of my hair was only a few inches from my waist, it was a fairly small portion, and well it looked bad. Really really bad. so... Hermana Speirs cut off the mullet for me today. :))  I feel WAAAAAAAYYYYYYY better. so dont judge me, it's not my fault the lady didn't understand me when I told her I wanted layers. But all is well here, and I'm not planning on cutting my hair again for a while.
6. Today we went bowling! It was fun! We went as a saying good bye to several elders who go home next week. Sad days when missionaries go home. and the crazy thing is, Hermana Speirs goes home next transfer! So she only has 6 weeks left here in Paraguay. Sooooooooo crazy how time goes by. We were talking about that today, how it's scary to go home and nobody wants the mission time to end. Yea, life is so crazy sometimes.

Anyway, I love you guys! and stay safe!