Monday, September 1, 2014

Week 41!!!!

So it's another week and here I am all over again writing letters on the internet....
Ok, but actually several crazy things have happened this week.

1. We had a mouse!
2. We set a mouse trap
3. The mouse got caught!!!!!!!!
4. The same day we found the dead mouse we found a dead rat in the road.
5. Hermana Speirs cut my hair. Ok, this one requires more explaining, so remember how right around my birthday I had a sister in my ward cut my hair, well, remember how I said it was a little too Paraguayan for my taste? Well I decided I couldn't take the mullet anymore and even though a part of my hair was only a few inches from my waist, it was a fairly small portion, and well it looked bad. Really really bad. so... Hermana Speirs cut off the mullet for me today. :))  I feel WAAAAAAAYYYYYYY better. so dont judge me, it's not my fault the lady didn't understand me when I told her I wanted layers. But all is well here, and I'm not planning on cutting my hair again for a while.
6. Today we went bowling! It was fun! We went as a saying good bye to several elders who go home next week. Sad days when missionaries go home. and the crazy thing is, Hermana Speirs goes home next transfer! So she only has 6 weeks left here in Paraguay. Sooooooooo crazy how time goes by. We were talking about that today, how it's scary to go home and nobody wants the mission time to end. Yea, life is so crazy sometimes.

Anyway, I love you guys! and stay safe!

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