Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Week 46? (46 in Paraguay/52 since leaving)

Well it's as if we're just 4 steps from the top of the mountain peak, or... 4 days from my year mark!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yep, it's come, I've been in South America almost officially a whole year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!! and as always celebrating big events, like 6 months and year marks with General Conference. Only my two favorite days ever! It's been fun!  
Last monday we downloaded the General Women's Conference, and listened in our room, and then we went to the chapel for saturday and sunday sessions. We didn't get much work done, but we did have some conference miracles.  To start, when we got there on Saturday we didn't have any members, or a projector, or any sound or ANYTHING. So, being missionaries that we are we said a prayer, and literally right after the prayer ended an elder from here had an idea to turn on the sound, and bam! We had sound! And then before the first person began his talk the brother with the projector came and bom! we could watch all of conference! yay!!!!!!!!! 
And then, yesterday, we (the English speakers) wanted to listen in English, so, we began asking around trying to arrange it, but the room they usually use, which has the cable for English was full of construction stuff, so basically it looked like the garage at home for me haha.  And I was all for organizing so we could hear in English. but the rest of the group didn't seam quite so excited, so we didn't move the stuff to watch in there. Defeated I went to sit at my desk, but then my lovely comp went and talked to the elders and they said we could watch on the computer in the secretary´s office, so.... my comp, Hermana Speirs, Hermana Argyle and I went to the office and watched in a tiny room. But the problems didn't end there. With just 5 minutes until the last session started it was lagging and slow, so we being the missionaries said another prayer, and then several elders showed up to watch with us too, and it didn't glitch once, and we finally got to hear the prophet's voice!
It was such a blessing to be able to hear him speak and to learn from our prophet, and to feel the spirit there. After conference I left feeling renewed and happy.
I know that we have a prophet today, who is called of God and holds his Holy authority, and we have been immensely blessed to live in a day and time in the which we will all be able to hear him speak and receive guidance from his words. 

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