Tuesday, January 6, 2015

week 59.... its 2015!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well everybody! it's officially 2015! Happy New Year! :DD

haha I've had this email open for over an hour and I'm not sure what to say. All I know is that lots of things will be, and are happening this year and I'm happy that I'm here to see them. 

First and foremost, the year in Spanish now resembles my name just a bit.... dos mil quince...... dos mil Quincie.... two thousand Quincies!!!!!!! I'm taking over the world!

Just Kidding 

So for New Years, since we all like sleeping, we didn't celebrate at midnight in Paraguay, we celebrated midnight in Hawaii. so, 7am here. It was fun. I did crunches (because it was during our exercise) and counted down to the hour and then we sort of shouted happy new year! And then I got ready for the day haha. the night before we spent with a family in our ward until 9:30 and then went home and got ready for bed. But not really anything exciting happened. So I'm sorry haha.

Then on the 2nd, Hermana Dunagan made a year in the mission so I made her a chocolate cake with chocolate frosting and sprinkles. and we've been eating it all week. It looks like I've been cooking lots this week, because we came home hungry Friday night, and I had a sore throat. So I decided I'd try to make egg drop soup (my favorite Chinese food soup) and it turned out super good. Turns out its super easy to cook food. And then Saturday I made tomato soup and grilled cheese. It was all super yummy. and it's nice to eat food that is different for a change. So in 2015 I've added new foods to the list of things I can cook. yay! Maybe I won't starve when I have to be an independent adult. haha 

Also, I had to fix my watch, so now there are some parts that are probably more thread than watch band, but it won't be falling off any time soon I hope. 

Haha anyway, I just hope all of you had a fun New Years, and maybe next year we will have a fun party, seeing as I'll officially be home this year! With all of that exciting stuff and all the things to do there I'll leave you all to ponder! I hope your week is lovely and I'll talk to you soon! :))

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