Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Week 70 de Setenta y Dos

Well, it’s been a really good week! It’s like after a million years of drought the rain finally came. We’ve been visiting a young man who’s been inactive for about 7 years, the last few months, and yesterday por fin! He came to church. It was the best. We met up on the corner and walked half a mile to church together and when we got there everybody greeted him, and those who know him told him they missed and hugged him. It was awesome. We’d been working so much with him it was wonderful to see that he was received so cheerfully in the chapel again. And he sat with friends the whole three hours. 

We’ve been finding lots of inactive members this week, which means lots of work reactivating families. We’ve been finding new investigators as well. 

It was funny, because last week Sunday was Hermana Terraza’s birthday, and we celebrated it kind of ish. but Andrea (a member in the branch) had planned a surprise with my comps family. It was supposed to be for Monday, but she called and canceled on Monday so we moved it to Tuesday. And Andrea canceled otra ves. And then on Wednesday we went to her house and she didn’t have anything and we were supposed to be teaching her brothers girlfriend but nobody was home, and my comp was probably about to throw me out the window for making her walk like 4 miles to get there from where we were only to cancel again. And then we went to the chapel for ward council, and Andrea had the young women’s room all decorated with balloons and pictures from my comps family, and presents. It was a good surprise, and I’m glad it ended because I’m pretty sure if we had to reschedule one more time my comp may have eaten me de verdad. haha. But all is well that ends well and we had a good time. 

Also, a spur of the moment opportunity for Hermana Terrazas to go to the temple with some people from her last area came up, so I did a division with one of the hermanas in Juande Salazar in Luque and my comp went to the temple with Hermana Welch. I got to meet a bunch of cool people and take a break from the routine in our area. It was fun getting to know Hermana Agilar as well. We had planned to get back to our area about 8 pm. but they didn’t leave the temple until after 8 and got back to Luque at 9:30, so we had to stay the night in their house. 

Also! Exciting news!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It’s not hot anymore!!!!!!!!!! Yesterday and today it was cool and nice out all day! I haven’t even had to take me sweat rag out. Its soooo awesome. I think Paraguay wants to be nice to me one last time before I die haha .

All in all its been a good week and I’m happy. I hope you all have a wonderful week as well! 

con amor, Hermana Minks

Sadly, something weird happened with my sd card, and it only lets me attach the entire folder of pictures which is wayyyyyyy too big to download in an email. So I’ll be sending pictures in 2 weeks ish. 

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