Monday, March 16, 2015

Week 69, the Last of the Sixties

Well this week has literally flown bye. I honestly don’t even remember what happened. I know I started going through my stuff. We had people promise us they’d go to church and then not show up. We finally figured out at least a good part of why a less active won’t go to church. Also why there are so many less active members in our area. We met a cool new investigator who is friends with an RM in our area. She came to church yesterday so that’s awesome. Also, my comp had a birthday, so we’ve had cake and fried chicken, and then chorizos (sausages) with mandioca (yuka rute). muy rico. We did a shirt exchange last week she gifted me her shirt that says Peru, and I gave her my BYUH shirt this week. 

However, to be honest, nothing very exciting has been going on here in Paraguay, or at least not in Ysapy b. Not a drop of rain in over a week. One million degrees of heat, and plenty of walking.

Sorry I didn’t write more this week. haha I’ll be sure to pay more attention to what’s going on this week and one day I’ll send pictures again..... haha 

Anyway, thank you for all your love, support and prayers, they don’t go unheard. 

les amo! y espero que tengan una buena semana! 

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