Monday, March 9, 2015

Week 68 Area Seventies, Stake Conference, and Lunch with the Gil Family

well family, friends, this week has been quite a weekish week. Monday........ I seem to have forgotten what we did on Monday haha

Tuesday, we had our district meeting, and had lunch with Hermana Benita and brought our clean laundry home. And then we walked and visited people that live far away from our house, and came home very tired.

Wednesday, we had lunch with an Hermana in the branch and she got up set because we came and she was sick and nobody told us we couldn't come to lunch. so she got upset, cooked us lunch and went to bed. then we left and we visited people who live far away from our house but close to the church. 

Thursday, we visited an older lady in our ward and told her we'd help her get the branch to help build her a new bathroom. (it's a long story), and then we went to lunch a million blocks from the church and our house, and took our dirty clothes to get washed. Then we went back into our area, and walked super far from everybody and everything to visit an rm sister in the branch and her family. It rained like crazy and I didn't have my umbrella, so we waited till it calmed down. then we visited her neighbor, and she let me use her umbrella. And then in the ward night we were informed that we don't have lunch on wednesdays anymore. Then I taught our English class to the kids in the neighborhood who the other Hermanas are teaching. Then we walked home. We got home wet that day. 

Friday we did weekly planning, cooked spaghetti, and washed our wet shoes from the day before. Then we went out and visited people until it was time to go to our meeting with the ward mission leader.. and then he canceled on us, so we went to a recent convert's house and taught his mom. It was a good lesson. I think shell get baptized one day. 

Saturday we spent the day inviting all of our "ovejas" to stake conference and then we went to the adult session. It was awesome, an area seventy came from Argentina, Elder Spannaus, and our mission president and they both spoke and it was super good. At the end I got to take a picture and shake his hand. We also found out that the other Hermanas don't have lunch on saturdays (wich was the same family as our Wednesday lunch.)

Sunday we went to the general session of stake conference and the mission president and his whole family, President and Hermana McMullin spoke, and Elder Spannaus. It was a good meeting. It was also good because I got to see members from all my old areas. (an older couple from Asuncion came to speak about the temple and they were from Loma Pyta) so I got to hug lots of Hermanas and shake lots of hands. It was nice. I'm glad I got to stay in Capiata for my last transfer. I've had the chance to see lots of people I've met and loved. After the session we went to lunch with the Gil family from Capiata and I got to take a picture with almost all of them. Then we went back to our area and studied and then visited a few people in our area, and the Elders told us that they lost their lunch on Sundays (with the aforementioned family)

Monday (today) we went to the chapel and played with water balloons with our zone. We played volley ball with towels and water balloons. It was fun, then we went to lunch with the Adorno family and got our hair done. 

All in all, it's been a very long week. but it's been good. I've learned a lot, and had a lot of prayers answered, and even though weve walked ten thousand miles (that may be a slight exaggeration) I'm good. and I've had a good week. 

p.s. I'd send pictures, but my card isn't working today so one day you'll see my face again. haha les amo! 

Note:  Elder Wright's mom posted this pic on FB today.  So happy she shared!

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