Monday, February 2, 2015

week 63 llena del espiritu

This week has been soooooo crazy. The first half of the week we spent getting lost in Asuncion, because Hna Terrazas was having headaches and we had to take her to the eye doctor and get glasses. It was fun. We got lost in the other mission and saw all kinds of new places and the bus driver misunderstood us and took us to the wrong hospital. Which means we were miles away from where we wanted to be. It was crazy but we had fun while we were on our adventure in Asuncion. Then we worked for a few days, and Saturday was zone conference and it was amazing. I felt the spirit the whole time and had so many prayers answered. I left feeling very edified. Then we went home and started our fasts. Then on Sunday we had our meetings, and our attendance grew by 25% it was a miracle! And then last night we got to go to a devotional for women with the General Relief Society president, and the General Young Women’s second councilor. It was fantastic. They spoke an hour each and I could have stayed all night and listened to them. I wish we could have listened to more but it was super late and they had to end the night so people could get home. It was wonderful. I had lots of prayers answered. I also got to see lots of my companions like Hermana Betancourth! We cried too, and Hermana Sanders. 

I don’t remember if I mentioned much about an investigator I was teaching in Loma Pyta, but anyway, we had an investigator who was baptized about 7 years ago, but never got confirmed. After I left the Elders started figuring things out more about what to do and they had to talk to the area 70 and I hadn’t heard anything else about him. Last night Hermana Sanders told me he got baptized on Saturday. I was so happy I was crying. That was probably one of the hardest areas for me, and also where I worked the hardest to have success, and I was so sad to leave without seeing any clear results of all our hard work. And to hear that he got baptized was an answer to my prayers. Needless to say, I’m very happy that I could have such a wonderful week. 

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