Monday, July 28, 2014

Week 36!! (Transfers)

Hello family and friends! It has been another week, and more, it has been a whole transfer cycle already! How ridiculously fast time flies! and well I have some news!!!!!!
I have changes! SAD FACE  After 6 months in Capiatá they are sending me to Asuncion! I'm going to Loma Pytá and I'll be with Hermana Welch, who I'm assuming is new, becuase I dont know her - haha. And well now I have to say good bye to all the amazing people here in Capiatá. But its ok, because honestly I felt like if I stayed I wouldnt be able to progress, and after 6 months, I've had 5 baptisms and its been quite lovely. Which leads me to more news! After 2 months of teaching the word of wisdom and the law of chastity and all the fun stuff Carlos was baptized this saturday! woohoo! 

And I'm not totally lame today, I remembered my camera! Wee and my card reader, so you guys just won yourselves some pictures! haha 

I made my birthday cake, with the ingredients that my lovely mom sent me for the baptism and everybody wanted to try the green cake (it was pistachio) and everybody loved it.

2nd Email of the Day:
I forgot to tell you all a funny story!

So this week I have been a little sick with a cold, and in a lesson with an investigator he gave me some grass to boil and make tea, that is supposed to be refreshing and help you breathe and all that good stuff, so me, being stupid and forgetful and willing to do anything to get rid of an obnoxious cold I made myself some grass tea and it was tasty and I drank 2 cups before I went to bed the other night. And then, on Thursday morning, because I'm allergic to grass, I obviously woke up worse than I was the day before - haha - sore throat and all the fun stuff. haha So the lesson I've learned this week is that I should not drink grass tea, because it will certainly give me an allergic reaction and the mission nurse will scold me sternly for drinking herbs from strangers haha. But don't worry, I'm fine now, I took a benedryl and all is well.

NOTE from Mom:  I acquired a few pics from her days at the CCM in Buenos Aires, Argentina from another missionary mom today.  Thank you for sharing!!

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