Monday, August 4, 2014

Week 37?...

I may have lost count of the weeks haha.  I'm pretty sure its 37 haha.
So there's been lots of changes! First of all, I'm now in Loma Pytá, which is in Asuncion, second, my companion is Hermana Welch, and she just finished her training, and she is AMAZING!!!!!!! The most adorable sister ever. Then, also exciting news, after 7.5 months, I'm in the same house as Hermana Speirs again an it's soooooooooo weird! We're roomies. so yea. that's fun. Hermana Speirs is with Hermana Arguile and it's so crazy fun. Hermana Speirs, for those who weren't here, or don't remember, was my trainer (my mission mom), and our companions are both from Utah haha. it's fun.
Also, we've had a really awesome week. I'm so excited, because you can literally feel the happiness in our house, its so cool.
It's weird being in a different area, because my old area was HUGE, and in comparison this area is really small. But it's good, it'll help me get used to it faster and be able to lead my way without getting lost.

She smiles. We call her Risas but her name is Chicilina.

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