Friday, December 5, 2014

week 54!...........turkey hunt...

Well well well, it's December first........
So, last week was sooooooooooo long, and also suuuuuuuuuuuper fast!
So I guess the craziest thing that happened to us this week is the weather, and the fact that when it gets over 95 degrees our ac stops working. so basically all week we've been melting, and then not sleeping, and then melting again. It's been fun, and then last night, there was a crazy thunder storm, and I swear I saw the lightning hit the street in front of our house, and then it was the loudest cracking sound right after, and it shook the whole house, it was terrifying. I don't like crazy storms, and more when I can't go hide in my comps bed for safety, and! it hit and the street lights turned off, and car alarms went off. It was crazy!
Also, we went a hunt for a turkey for Thanksgiving. and when we found one and saw how much it was, we just about died inside. It was sad. Turkeys cost almost as much as our monthly allowance here. So we settled for a rotisserie chicken, and made mashed potatoes, and an apple pie. But, our propane ran out again, and on top of that our oven doesn't work, so we cooked in the landlords house below ours. and we ended up eating lunch at like 5 in the afternoon. It was a long day of baking. but it was fun, and Hermana Argyle made a Thanksgiving ball that we passed around and said things we're thankful for. It was a good day, and it even kinda felt like Thanksgiving, especially because our pie was AMAZING! haha

Also, a family we've been working with for 4.5 months now is getting ready to get married, and the wife is going to get baptized, and after a really good lesson on Friday, they came to church on Sunday! yay! Which means that Maribel will be able to get baptized on the 20th! Iwas so happy to see them on Sunday I almost cried haha.
But anyway, it's been a long week, with lots of walking and crushed turkey hopes but a happy Sunday, so all is well that ends well.
I hope you all know that I love you, and that I think of you, and that I appreciate everything you do for me. So thank you! and happy late Thanksgiving!!!!!!!!

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