Monday, December 8, 2014

Week 55 .......

"Sister Minks, you have been called to the Paraguay Asuncion North Mission, with special assignments to stay in the Capiata stake for at least 10 and a half months."

Just kidding, my call letter doesn't say that, but that's what looks like is happening. So let's just have a little recap on my mission so far. Area number one... technically speaking was the Argentina MTC for 6 weeks, or 1.5months. Area two, Ward, Del Maestro, Stake, Capiata. in the which I was there for 3 months, and from there they sent me to Piro y, or other wise known as Capiata, the Stake center to be exact. and I was there, for 6 months. Then from there they sent me to Loma Pyta.... technically not in Capiata, no. and I was there 4.5 months. and now.... dun dun dun.... Hermana Minks returns to the lovely Stake of Capiata in the ward Ysapy!!!!!!!!!

So....... yea. in total, at least 10.5 months in the same Stake. Therefore my mission is now officially Paraguay Asuncion North, Capiata Mission. 

Haha but its cool. I'm in a new area and it means I'll get to go see most of my families and converts while I'm here which is super lucky. and I'm glad I get to see all the people here, and meet a new branch in Ysapy.... it sounds like "eeeesapuuuuu" kinda. I'll teach you all how to say all these places someday. 

And my companion is Hermana Dunagan. she's super cute and wonderful. She has the same amount of time in the mission as Hermana Argyle, and she is from California. and were having lots of fun out here. Our area is kinda out in the boonies. so we have to take a bus to get our food or go to email. It's crazy. It's my first area outside of the city, and it's weird. I feel so far away from everything. also, I miss being close to the office, it means packages and letters will take longer to get to me, and that we'll have to travel at least an hour and a half to get anything in Asuncion. but its all good. I'm off on another adventure in Paraguay.

And I'm really sorry I don't have new pictures, it's just that my memory card is full, and I can't take pictures, so when I can, I'll buy a new one and send pictures of all the mangoes were eating, and our pretty new house, and my comp and I and it'll be fun. but you have to be patient. So I can send you pictures. One day. 

les quiero tanto!

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