Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Week 23! Toqué una vaca!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wow, I can't believe how fast time goes by. It's already the last week of transfers, and so many things are making me go crazy haha.  I won't list all of them, but to name a few...
1. Mosquitoes need to die. NOW. all of them. 
2. The fish is returning to the ocean.
3. It's getting hot again.... so I'm going to melt.
 Yea, that just about covers it haha.

So some fun stuff happened this week. First of all , for those of you who don't read Spanish, I touched a cow, tied to a tree haha. Oh! here's some fun information for the people of whereever you are, the dress I bought for the temple is a special kind of dress that they sell, for old lady pajamas! hahahahaha!  But, its super comfy, and if you put a belt on it and do your hair cute it looks like a nice normal American summer dress, so you know me, I have 3 now hahahahahahahahahahahaha and I will continue to wear them. :D
This is the dress that is Grandma pajamas ;)
And something even more funny, the day I was wearing one of my grandma dresses my district leader told me I have the personality of a grandma. I've graduated from mom to grandma here on the mission.  Maybe by the end of the mission I'll go full circle and end up back at normal 21 year old woman haha or something like that I hope....

Also, returning to cows, something that could only happen in Latin America happened to one of my investigators. We went to visit a few kids and they were all gathered around a bike. When we asked what they were doing they told us that they were fixing the bike because one of them crashed into a cow haha..... only in Paraguay do you risk crashing into cows when you are out on the roads. haha.

But really there are cows everywhere.

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