Monday, April 21, 2014

Week 22 - Baptism, Bopi and Baseball Bat

So, another week has passed and another young man has found himself in the waters of baptism.

So its been an odd week, because it was long but also super short, and I still cant believe that it was Easter. Here they have something called the Semana Santa, the holy week, and supposedly everybody eats a ton of chipa, but we hardly got any.  Sad day too, because it's yummy. It's a hard bread made with corn flour and yucca root flour. It's cool stuff. but we only got one piece this week. Sad day, but its less like a long Easter and more like a lazy week of doing nothing. Miraculously, we still had lessons and new investigators almost every day this week, so that was good, because most of the time on the holidays there is nobody. It's like the world after a nuclear bomb and a zombie apocalypse, only the most mangy, ugly, hairless, deformed dogs are out and about looking for a friend in the Mormon missionaries. haha 

So we have been visiting some kids that live out in the outer part of our area, and to get to them you have to cross a sketchy bridge, and there are these creatures called mbopis (Guarani word, pronounced boopees) that live in the trees on either side. One day we passed by the bridge and one flew right in front of me, so the kids started trying to hit one with a rock so we could see one. So basically long story short we came back the next day and they had a dead one in a little box to show us. It was pretty cool.

But yea, I definitely see the blessings we've received for our work here in Piro'y and we will be sad when the day comes that we have to say good bye to this amazing ward we've come to know and love. And to think that transfers are only a week and a half away... 

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