Monday, April 7, 2014

Week 20!!!!!! 6 months and I Scored a Major Latina Point!!!!!!!

Hello hello we welcome you todayyyyyyyyyyyy!

So, this week was wonderful! 
We had my second baptism. his name is Enrique. he is 13 years old and his sister is the convert of my companion. It was lovely. The only problem is that I may have lost the baptismal clothes..... haha 

Also, something pretty exciting for me happened today haha! We went with a bunch of elders to a national park that's super pretty and whatever, and we played soccer with them, and guess who's team won¿ and guess who scored¿ against a Latin! So you know, I scored a point for women, white people, and my team today, all in one. haha. 

But really today was super fun. We went to a lake and took pictures on the docks, played soccer, and had pizza that was super yummy. And then I went on a hunt for a dress with yellow flowers, because I wanted a new dress to wear to the temple on Tuesday, and I found one for $5 U.S.D. so that was good. i had money for yellow nail polish haha........... I know, I cant help it. I haaaaaaave to be colorful haha. 

There is something kind of sad that happened this week though. My baby cat Elder ended his short life this week.Ii don't know exactly what happened, but we went to visit him and the converts who were caring for him, and he died while we were there. :(( sad face. but don't worry I didn't cry. I guess I'm not much of a cat person, haha, but I was sad, he was quite cute. 

Anyway, pictures!:

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