Monday, February 24, 2014

Week 15 and PICTURES!

Well what do you know, its been a week already!?

Gosh darn it the days just fly by and I have no idea what I do every day. Well I do, but all my days are all blurred together in the walking and the Spanish and I'm not really sure who's who sometimes haha. but its been a good week. I was kind of nervous because my comp wanted to do a division with the young women in the ward, and I was really not sure I'd be able to do all the missionarying alone, but I made it and we had a good lesson with a less active sister in our ward and I didn't say too much in English. I've taken to laughing at myself, because I mess up a lot and if everybody else is going to look at me like ok hna... may as well accept that I didn't make it to fluent in 3 months. but you know, we can't have every thing. but one day I'll have the cake and eat it too. ;]

I guess what I'd have to say this week is even if the words fall out of your mouth all crazy and broken and out of order say them anyway, because its better to say what's in your mind then to let the opportunity to share pass you by, and laugh when you mess up, because there isn't really much you can do anyway. 

But anywho, I love you guys and hope you have a lovely week! and yea!

I have no captions - We will all have to wonder for the next 14 months.

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