Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Happy Mother's Day (Week 25)

We were able to Skype with Hermana Minks on Mother's Day!  It was awesome!  

She managed to arrange a Mother's Day gift for me all the way from Paraguay!  I love it!  How does she know my heart is in Paraguay?

"So its been 2 weeks, sorry I'm getting lazy haha.

To all my mom friends out there, HAPPY MOTHERS DAY!!!! I love all of you! and you all know who you are. 

We've had a good week, staying here in Piro y with Hermana B. for a third transfer. We changed areas a little, but still in the same ward. I guess I have to get to know the whole ward before I leave here haha. 

Last week we had my 4th baptism so that was exciting! Somebody we've been teaching since we got here 6 weeks ago, and he had been receiving the missionaries for 6 months or more, so it was cool to see him finally get baptized, and he was so excited to get under the water he couldn't hold still he kept trying to go down all on his own haha. 

Other fun news, my companion got bit by a cat this Friday, and we have to go back this week to make she it doesn't have rabies haha. Yep fun stuff! 

Other fun news, my companion is literally always hungry haha. 

Other other fun news I'm never hungry. haha

But yea, I hope you all have a wonderful week and are safe and happy in the magical land of where ever you are!

Hermana Minks"

Here are some recent pics.  We may all have to wait 11 months for the explanations .....

Peeling green bananas makes your hands brown.  She says when she gets home she will make some for all of us to try.

It's all her own air in that giant balloon!

Her goats - no explanation necessary :)

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  1. Love the balloon, LOVE the necklace....LOVE that you can see how much she loves those goats by just looking at her face :)